Thursday, October 15, 2015


Nigerian Politician

Herald of a beginning!
Insane musings of the irate mob,
Nerve numbing screams of the few.
Set us free!! These chains squeeze!!
Tongue lashings; Saliva splatter...
Deadly venom on pink tongue;
Killing the makeup of ministers,
TV personalities, hungry aides
And jaded journalists.
We want change!!

Interviews on courthouse steps,
Attack of integrity intensifies;
Confused wisdom expounded,
Propounded and properly pounded
Into the mortar of the screamers.
Heated debates on blurry screens;
Professional politicians prostitute services
From one party to the other...
Ha! Its a freee for all.
Dirty underthings spread on overstretched lines;
The awards come tumbling.
We want jobs, good roads, electricity, water, husbands, this too much?

Winners everwhere...
All of them decampees;
Prostituting heady philosophies.
The screamers are hoarse...
Digesting well pounded grit.
Accepting logical lies for simple truth.
We want three square meals!!

And who cares if the grass
Loses its green?
You must have heard,
You are not qualified
If you are not a professional prostitute.
Oh sorry, politician.
When I grow up, I want to be a politician.
The little girl says
Eagerly watching the convoy.
The mob disperse...
We are fine just the way we are.
Change nothing.
Awards come tumbling.

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