Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rants Two

Early this week i posted two poems as a start to my rants series. These are poems written in teenage angst and express the emotional turbulence that very few folks noticed in me. Some of my thought processes are quite warped. I do not subscribe to any of the ideas postulated on this lines. i was high 80% of the these poems reach you, do not hesitate  to  comment. Thanks

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rants part one

 Surfing through the internet, i realised that there were certain poems i had written in my DELSU days, that were actually rants. I railed against everything then....LOL... i was a real mess then. These are some of my really warped works. They will tell a tale and they are nothing like my present works. I will deliver two each week until exhausted. The rants are usually quite lengthy, so you have to bear with me. Read at your own mental peril. Please these poems were written at a difficult time in my life, so please be gentle. Gracias.

Publishing Poetry in Nigeria


Poetry is the earliest of written expression of beauty and thought. The earliest form of literature is poetry.  From the poetry of ancient Egypt e.g. Pentuar's celebrated heroic epic in Praise of Ramses II to the erotic works of Sapho of Lesbos and Homer's Illiad. Poetry has hung along the halls of palaces; the libraries of the aristocrats; the parlours of the intellectual elite and the simply beautiful.
Poem of Pentuar
Poetry though, no longer striding the halls of the social elite, still brings the soul of man to the fore; expressing the deep things of life. In this age we live in, poetry as an art form is no longer in the purview of the elite but is now expressed in writings of every strata of society; from the poems of kids to the poetry of published renowned poets, poetry is being written by everyone and anyone who is skilled enough to try.