Monday, October 05, 2015


 Although the technological advances spearheaded by the western cultures have greatly improved the lot of Africans over time, it is sad to see us forget our own unique identity that made us the people we are. The present generation of children will never know moonlight tales or games; they will never understand the proverbs and nuances of their mother tongue; they will not find fun in the festivals and spectacles of their culture. This is sad. Is there no merging of the western culture with African identity? Are we to, therefore, leave the palm wine for the Chardonnays? *just thinking out loud*

Do you see the ancient moat
That surround the ancient abode?
Do you sigh when you sight
Oranmiyan’s Staff at the beginning?

What goes through you
Watching the meandering Ethiope
Sweeping out of the base
Crisscrossing the southern places?
Do you feel the feverish pulse
As the Kanuri beauties sway
To music old as time?

Does your nerves tingle
When the slow beats of the Benue
Pulse through you?
How do you react to the Fulani herdsman
Hopping up and down
Laughter creasing his parched face
With staff held across his shoulder?

When did you forget
The entrance to the fattening rooms
Of beautiful Calabar?
Do you still watch
For the spirits at the festivals;
Spirits that blew smoke and fire?

TV decoder
Are you beholden to the television,
The radio, the internet and foreign books?
Are the words lewd with foreign thoughts
That falls from your lips
That has tasted and thirsted
After Nigeria’s greenness?

Do you wash your dirt
At the mouth of the Niger
And let your dead be buried
In its ancient waters?
Do you now banish from you
The dance of early evenings
Moonlit and cool,
For the sweltering dances
Of neon lit dance halls;
Hands groping, eyes glazed,
Hearts thudding and mouths slavering?

Do you let the Palm wine fester
While you preserve crushed grains
In chillers and freezers?
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  1. Intuitive lines brothermine grandmasc ookpot
    Couldn't have done better,indeed the new generation will neva know nor understand the lessons of the tales or proverbs,and that is a loss indeed

    1. Yes you are right Ikon. They will never know or find fun in it. They will consider it to be backward or devilish and it is indeed sad. There should be a way to blend the african culture with western ideals and technological innovvations. There should be a way to safeguard our heritage or we will have children whose names are meaningless to them and their villages nothing more than a name on an official document. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks beautiful chammi. I'm glad you appreciate.


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