Monday, August 03, 2015

Do You Still Dream?

Life sometimes hits us with a lot of trash and slowly kills our dreams, aspirations, ambitions. It is said, I can't remember who now, that the grave is filled with great men. Some of these greats were potentials that were never realised because they died. Don't go wishing you did this or did that! Dream big!! Pursue your dreams! Live a fulfiled life for God's sakes folks! Don't exist, live!! Happy new ya'll
Do You Still Dream?
Good morning my dear.
Did dreams sweep through sleep
As you tossed and turned?
Did you dream of beauty;
Sweet, red lips, fair flushed skin,
Long legs, wide hips,
Protruding buttocks and breast?
Did you dream to touch
His heaving sweat slicked chest,
Flat stomach and beautiful hands?
Did you?