Wednesday, September 30, 2015


On my way to Auchi
Ha! I perceive Atlas
In the frowning sky,
His back bent with weight.
Yes I did perceive the goat-faced charlatan
And I laughed.
I perceive the smoke from the burnt length
On my way to Auchi.

I think i just saw a phallus!
Do not judge...
The trees shrouded
And the mystery disappeared.
It is late and my heart despairs.
It rained on me, my bag and shoes,
On my way to Auchi.

Saw rows and rows of gallons of oil.
Not crude. No! Palm.
The trees shadowed the sky
Like a drive to a possibility.
Where? I don’t know.

The man at the park smoked weed
I was eager for a toke,
Thought I quit?
Yep, I did.

I write in a swaying bus
On a long route,
Late in the afternoon
On my way to Auchi.

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